Aberdeen FAST PLAY Win Inspired Baltimore Winner to Play Too

Following the lead of an Edgewood player, “Brownie Points” of Baltimore played and won the third FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers progressive top prize. He claimed $102,303!

Claims $102,303 prize in Lucky Numbers game

A UPS employee followed the lead of an Edgewood player who just won a $207,611 progressive top prize on the Maryland Lottery FAST PLAY  Lucky Numbers ticket. That player found his big win in Aberdeen. “Brownie Points” of Baltimore played and won, too, with a ticket bought in Baltimore City!

The lucky man got off work early Wednesday morning and stopped at Baltimore’s Monument Street Shell gas station to check his Racetrax tickets. The 40-year-old had played a few FAST PLAY games in the past, but not the $10 Lucky Numbers game. He also remembered seeing on the Lottery website the news about a $207,611 Lucky Numbers winner the night before and decided to try his luck with the game for the first time.

“I really didn’t expect to win anything since someone had just hit less than 24 hours before,” said “Brownie Points,” the Lottery publicity nickname he selected to reflect his pride in his job.

He began playing Lucky Numbers tickets, purchasing one ticket at a time. When he got to the sixth ticket, “Brownie Points” saw something peculiar. A number in the “your numbers” set matched one of the numbers in the “winning numbers” set. Printed beneath the matching number were the words, “Progressive Jackpot.”

“It just wouldn’t sink in when I saw the Progressive Jackpot message and the amount,” said the winner. “This can’t be, can it?”

The amount staring back at him was $102,303. Still in disbelief, “Brownie Points” checked the ticket using the Lottery app on his phone and then had the cashier check the ticket as well. Realization finally came that he was, indeed, the big winner.

“I told the cashier, ‘You won’t be seeing me for a while,’ ” he said, laughing. “I’m going to take a little break.”

“Brownie Points” then tucked his winning ticket away and headed home to rest before coming to Lottery headquarters to claim the big prize. He told Lottery officials that he was still feeling disbelief but eager to confirm the win.

The father of four young adults said he plans to pay bills with some of the prize money and take a much-needed vacation.

Also in the money is the Lottery retailer. Monument Street Shell located at 5000 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore City will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Lucky Numbers ticket.

The game still has 37 progressive top prizes remaining. The prize starts at $100,000 and grows with each sale until the next winning ticket is sold. It then resets to $100,000. Lucky Numbers is one of five FAST PLAY games. Also in the lineup are the $1 Piggy Bank Bucks, $2 Cherry Twist, $3 Treasure Chase and $5 Hit $250 games.