Aberdeen Mom Turns School Pickup Time into Lottery Win Time

Robin Riley of Aberdeen won $10,000 on the 10x Cash game.

Finds $10,000 top prize on 10x Cash scratch-off

Maryland Lottery scratch-off fan Robin Riley of Aberdeen turns to instant tickets whenever she has time on her hands to enjoy her hobby.

Waiting in the car to pick up one of her two school-age sons was a perfect time for Robin and her boyfriend to take turns playing scratch-offs. She had spent part of the day house hunting before purchasing four 10x Cash scratch-offs at Aberdeen BP.

The popular $10 game, which started out with 118 top prizes of $10,000, still had 54 unclaimed big winners at Maryland retailers when Robin made her purchase. Now there are 53.

“We were waiting for him to get off the bus,” she said, adding that the house hunting wasn’t going well and she was worried they would never find something suitable. “House hunting was horrible,” Robin said.

She usually splits the scratch-off reveal with her boyfriend. “I would do a row and then he would do a row,” she said. Not this time! As soon as she scratched off the first row on her ticket and saw the $1,000 prize, the Harford County hair stylist kept on scratching.

“I just won $10,000!” Robin told her boyfriend when she reached the last row of the match-and-win game. They studied the scratch-off and agreed her lucky day had arrived. The 32-year-old plans to use the prize for new housing for her family.

There are still thousands of unclaimed prizes remaining on this game, ranging from $10 to $1,000. Want to visit Robin’s lucky retailer? Aberdeen BP is located at 804 West Belair Road in Aberdeen.