Aberdeen Woman Claims $50K Top Prize on MONOPOLY™ Scratch-Off

Linda Stern - Monopoly

Linda Stern and her boyfriend celebrate her $50,000 MONOPOLY™ win.

Tears of joy accompanied Linda Stern’s recollection of her winning Lottery moment. A fan of Maryland Lottery scratch-offs, the 59-year-old stopped at Forty Liquors on Friday evening and bought two instant tickets. “I bought both a MONOPOLY and an Amazing 8s scratch-off,” Linda told Lottery officials. “I look for the brand new tickets,” she said referring to her MONOPOLY purchase.  “Plus, I always liked playing the board game as a kid.”

Linda took her tickets home with her and scratched them while watching Forest Gump with her longtime boyfriend. “I was watching the movie and scratching my tickets,” said Linda. “I thought I’d won $5,000.” She passed the ticket to her boyfriend and he responded, “No dear, this is $50,000.

While Linda remained calm, her boyfriend’s reaction was a little more animated. “I was instantly smiling from ear to ear,” he said. The twosome put the ticket away for safekeeping until arriving this morning at Lottery Headquarters to claim their prize.  The happy winner intends to use her windfall to buy a mobile home.  The winning ticket was sold at Forty Liquors, located at 1205 S. Philadelphia Rd. in Aberdeen.

The $5 MONOPOLY™ scratch-off launched on February 20, 2012 and has a top prize of $50,000. There are currently seven top-prizes remaining on the ticket. Players may also enter non-winning MONOPOLY™ tickets for five additional $50,000 bonus drawings. To enter the bonus drawings, players must submit their non-winning MONOPOLY™ tickets at mdlottery.com/Monopoly. Players must have their original non-winning ticket in order to claim their prize.