Abingdon Lottery Winner Retires Third Lucky Scratch-off Coin

Claims $10,000 prize on 10x Cash game

196-10x-Cash-ITVM_P1-blueA third scratch-off coin has earned a spot in a Harford County man’s Lottery Hall of Fame, which is reserved for coins that deliver significant scratch-off prizes to the 65-year-old husband and father of two.

He just won $10,000 for the third time! His latest win came via the popular 10x Cash instant ticket. The Abingdon resident will now retire the lucky coin and pick another.

He plays Lottery games once a day, always sure to have his lucky coin handy in case he chooses a scratch-off. “I liked the look of the 10x Cash game so I chose it for my daily ticket,” said the retired Lockheed Martin engineer.

While playing his $10 ticket in 7-Eleven #33075 at 3508 Philadelphia Road in Abingdon, the loyal player knew immediately that 10x Cash was the right game to play.

“I saw a $1,000 win right away and was excited,” he said. “I kept scratching and kept seeing one big win after another.”

He and his wife had just that day been discussing the idea of sending a little financial help to their two grown children. “This win will make that help a bit more substantial,” he said.

How does he pick his lucky coins? The next time he selects a Lottery scratch-off, our winner will reach deep into his pocket and pull out a coin at random.

The 10x Cash game still has four dozen $10,000 top-prize winning tickets and two dozen $1,000 winning tickets waiting to be found in Maryland stores. The game began in March with 85 top-prize tickets.