Abingdon Man Gets Double Dose of Surprises

Claims $50,000 Payday Doubler Top Prize

When the 74-year-old Abingdon man entered the Lottery’s Winner’s Lounge with his son by his side, he was still digesting the fact that he had won not $10,000 – but $50,000.

The long-time Lottery player purchased the winning ticket on Saturday and scratched it to reveal a $10,000 win. Then he stopped scratching. He quickly phoned his two sons to share his news and both were delighted with his “$10,000” windfall. “I was in shock,” said the retired army civil service employee. “But I remained pretty calm. I just tried to figure out when I could claim it.”

After a long holiday weekend of waiting, the winner and his son received another welcome surprise when a Lottery official told them to finish scratching the ticket. “She told me I wasn’t finished,” said the man. “We had joked on the way down about ‘what if it was the top prize?’ We had no idea it was $50,000.”

The happy pair plans to dine on some steamed crabs with a portion of the prize and the winner intends to take care of bills and help his sons, as well.  The winning ticket was purchased at Royal Farms, located at 7950 Pulaski Hwy. in Baltimore.