‘Accidental’ Ticket Delivers Top Prize for Glen Burnie Man

William Jones - 10x Cash_webWilliam Jones of Glen Burnie enjoyed a $10,000 top-prize Lottery win, thanks to his “accidental” purchase of a second 10x Cash scratch-off.

Wins $10,000 playing 10x Cash scratch-off

William Jones, home again after several years away, was welcomed back with open arms by his family and with $10,000 in cash from the Maryland Lottery – all because of a happy accident.

The longtime Lottery fan went to EZ Quick Food Mart located at 231 Mountain Road in Pasadena to pick out a couple of scratch-offs. His first ticket from the Lottery vending machine delivered a $50 prize. William decided to reinvest $20 of his winnings in two different $10 instant games. However, he pushed the button on his first scratch-off choice, 10x Cash, twice, by mistake.

Not thinking much of the accident, the 27-year-old scratched the tickets there in the store, while chatting with the owner. The two often joked about one day hitting the top prize.

The first scratch-off, the ticket he intentionally purchased, was not a winner. The second ticket, the “accident,” caused his jaw to drop. This one delivered the $10,000 top-prize win!

“It was the best mistake ever,” William said.

He works as the logistics manager for a pharmaceutical company that returned to Maryland from South Carolina a few months ago. William wanted to switch back to his Maryland identification before claiming his ticket and the process took three days.

Meanwhile, the Glen Burnie man didn’t take any chances with his winning ticket. He signed the back of it as suggested by the Lottery, placed the ticket in a zip lock bag and put the bag in his fire safe box. He next hid the box under his bed. William didn’t allow himself to touch the ticket again for days until he could make it to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize.

“I feel relief finally getting the ticket off my hands,” William said.

He only told a few people about his Lottery win because he first wanted to claim the prize, William said. He’s excited to share the great news with his friends and family. “Now I’m going to post it on Facebook!” our winner happily announced.

The Anne Arundel County man plans to use his Lottery prize to pay bills and upgrade his jeep with lift tires.

The 10x Cash scratch-off still has 37 $10,000 top prizes remaining and 19 $1,000 prizes. The ticket launched in March with more than 100,000 total prizes.