Age Not ‘Just a Number’ for Scratch-Off Winner

Baltimore County Woman Wins Supreme 7s $77,777 Top Prize

Supreme 7'sA Maryland woman won a $77,777 top prize last week after choosing to buy a scratch-off based on something she usually doesn’t talk about: her age.  The Halethorpe player, who chose to remain anonymous, was about to leave the store after purchasing a non-winning Supreme 7s scratch off when she noticed that the ticket number was 045.   The winner, whose 46th birthday is approaching, felt that the ticket number was a sign that she had to buy ticket number 046.  She was right; the ticket was a top-prize winner.

The woman, who does not play the Lottery often, remembered hearing that winning tickets should be signed immediately.  “The first thing I did after realizing I won was sign the back of the ticket,” she said.  “I was too nervous to take it home, so I drove it to my mother’s house and had her hold on to it until Monday.”

The lucky winner, who was accompanied to Lottery headquarters by her husband of ten years, said that her company is in the process of closing their Maryland offices, and she expects to lose her job in the next few months.  “This win came at the right time. We really needed it,” she said.  Besides putting the bulk of the money into the bank, the couple is planning to pay off some debt, and go on a much-needed vacation.  The winning ticket was purchased at Center Court Liquor Store, located on Selma Ave. in Halethorpe.