Adelphi Fisherman Makes $50,000 Scratch-off ‘Catch’

Proudly takes home a $50,000 Lucky 7s Game Book win

Lucky 7s Game BookA fisherman from Adelphi reeled in the catch of a lifetime yesterday. What had originally started as a trip to make his daily Pick 3 and Pick 4 selections quickly turned into a $50,000 Lucky 7s Game Book win.

Accompanied by his wife and daughter, the man came into Lottery headquarters on Thursday to claim his big prize. “My dad was just going to play his numbers,” his daughter translated. “Something just told him that he should play the ticket.”

When he saw that one of the tickets in the book was a $50,000 winner, he immediately went home to share the good news with his wife. Together the couple celebrated quietly before breaking the news to their daughter.

They were then plagued with the decision of where to put the ticket overnight.  “I put the ticket in my purse,” the winner’s wife said, patting her pocketbook. “It’s been here since last night.”

The lucky man plans to pay off his bills and take a trip to Ocean City, Md. He purchased his winning game book at the Golden Bull Restaurant located at 9107 Riggs Road in Adelphi.