Amazing Luck Makes Parkville Man $50,000 Richer

Bill Pilkerton Claims Amazing 8s Top Prize

On Tuesday evening, Parkville resident Bill Pilkerton and his wife Joanne went out for their usual date night: half-priced burgers at the Valley View Inn. The couple, who was simply looking forward to a casual night out, had no idea they would leave one of their favorite restaurants with an extra $50,000.

After finishing their meal and enjoying a few drinks, Pilkerton collected his winnings from an earlier Bonus Match 5 game and decided to buy a few scratch-off tickets from the restaurant’s instant ticket vending machine. “I’d never played the Amazing 8s ticket and hadn’t been interested in it before,” the H&S Bakery sales representative explained, “I just did it on a whim.” He scratched the ticket while still at the restaurant and immediately showed Joanne, who assumed her husband was playing a joke on her.

The Pilkertons have been married for over 23 years and have two sons. Bubba, their 19 year-old son accompanied the excited couple to Lottery headquarters. Bill plans to use the money for a much-needed new car for his wife and an older “fixer-upper” muscle car for himself. The rest of his winnings will be used for bills.

The winning Amazing 8s ticket was purchased from the instant ticket vending machine at the Valley View Inn located at 8712 Satyr Hill Rd in Parkville.