Amtrak Lineman Shocked by $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Ulysses Johnson_Monopoly_web

Ulysses Johnson of Catonsville won the first $50,000 prize on the Monopoly scratch-off.

Scores biggest Lottery prize of his life playing Monopoly game

Working around high voltage is all in a day’s work for Ulysses Johnson of Catonsville, who has spent 37 years on the job as an Amtrak lineman. While he’s careful to avoid shocks at work, the 57-year-old welcomes the jolt he experienced after discovering a $50,000 winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off!

The father of one enjoys playing Racetrax, Keno and scratch-offs – especially Monopoly instant tickets. The Lottery’s new $20 Monopoly game that arrived in stores on Feb. 22 caught his eye recently while he was visiting his friend’s business, the Edmondson Crown in Baltimore. Ulysses scratched off the ticket in the store and got a good feeling when he saw his birth month and date in the row of winning Monopoly numbers. Sure enough, the ticket paid him a $50,000 prize!

“I was cool, calm and collected,” he said. The lucky man immediately signed the back of the ticket and kept it in his car for a few days until he could get time off work and claim his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

He’s won $1,000 and $500 in the past but nothing on the scale of this win. Ulysses found the first of the six $50,000 prizes in the game and no one has yet claimed any of the three $1 million top prizes. He’s earmarking his prize for home renovations. And, he’s already shared the great news with his friend so he can promote his lucky Lottery status! The Edmondson Crown station is located at 6122 Edmondson Avenue in Baltimore.