An Early Birthday $100,000 Monopoly Win

Michael Lawrence - Monopoly_webFifty-eight year-old Michael Lawrence from College Park will celebrate his birthday in style after winning $100,000 on the Monopoly scratch-off game.

College Park Man Claims Top Prize on Popular Scratch-off Game

A 58-year-old avid scratch-off player is about to celebrate his birthday in style after winning big on the Monopoly scratch-off game. In just two weeks, Michael Lawrence will be kicking up sand in Ocean City with a few extra dollars in his pocket.

“I had already planned the trip,” he said with a big smile. “But now it’s going to be upgraded.” And, that’s thanks to lady luck making an appearance at the 7-11#33234C located at 8905 Rhode Island Avenue in College Park where Michael scratched his way to $100,000.

Michael enjoys scratch-off games and plays them daily. He prefers the $10 and $20 tickets because he says the payouts are better. On this day, Michael purchased two $10 Monopoly scratch-offs that were not winners. But, he felt for sure that a winner was coming, so he purchased two more Monopoly scratch-offs. He was right! The first one he scratched was a $100,000 winner. But, the he wasn’t quite sure.

“You see, I wear glasses,” said the winner. “I couldn’t be sure I was seeing the right number, so I had the cashier take a look.” It was confirmed. Michael didn’t even bother scratching the last ticket. He quietly left the store, went home, called his friend and proceeded to claim his prize.

The DC Metro Station Manager stopped at the Maryland Lottery’s Claim Center in Lanham first before being directed to the Lottery’s Headquarters in Baltimore. Maintaining his cool, when Michael talked to Lottery Officials he said in addition to upgrading his Ocean City birthday trip, he will also share some of his winnings with his family.