Animal Cruelty Investigator Wins Big During Dog Days of Summer

Wins $50,000 from Hot Streak Scratch-Off

Hot StreakWhen a Prince George’s County resident came to Lottery Headquarters to claim his $50,000 prize this afternoon, he was admittedly still a little shocked.  The winner, an animal cruelty investigator, has seen a lot during his career and isn’t easily caught off guard.  His cool demeanor was ruffled when he realized he won the $50,000 top prize on the Maryland Lottery’s Hot Streak scratch-off.

The man went to his favorite watering hole on Monday evening to catch up with locals and had an extra $20 in his hand.  He wisely decided to use the extra money on Lottery scratch-offs.  When he scratched his final ticket he thought he had won $50.  He looked again….and then again…and realized that the $50 prize was actually $50,000.  “I scanned the ticket myself and didn’t believe I had won the top prize until I saw a message advising me to check with Lottery Headquarters.”

The lucky winner is celebrating by taking his wife to his favorite Annapolis restaurant for a thick steak and bottle of Pinot Noir.  After that, he’ll pay off debt and put the rest of the money into his savings account.  The winning ticket was purchased at S&J Restaurant, located at 6108 Rhode Island Ave. in Riverdale.