Annapolis Couple Pack Up Lottery Prize in Time for Big Move

Holly Lane - 10x Cash_webMatthew and Holly Lane of Annapolis celebrate winning $10,000 in the Maryland Lottery’s 10x Cash scratch-off game.

Soon-to-be homeowners win $10,000 on 10x Cash scratch-off

There is never a bad time to win a Maryland Lottery top prize, but for Holly and Matthew Lane, the timing is absolutely perfect. The Annapolis couple, who will soon close on their first house, are happy to pack up their $10,000 10x Cash scratch-off prize for their future move.

The Lanes made their lucky Lottery stop at Chesapeake Market Citgo at 502 South Cherry Grove Avenue in Annapolis on May 2. Holly went into the store to cash in a $10 winning 10x Cash ticket that Matthew had purchased. Instead of pocketing the cash prize, the 38-year-old Anne Arundel County resident decided to invest her husband’s winnings in another 10x Cash ticket.

“I wanted to surprise him,” she said with a smile. “I started scratching it on the way back to the car, and I kept reading the rules, and I was thinking ‘something’s missing.’ I’ve never won with a scratch-off ticket before.”

“She’s not a gambler,” Matthew said. “Once a year we’ll go to Atlantic City, but other than that, she doesn’t gamble. I was a little shocked.”

His shock quickly turned to happiness. Holly, who sells new homes, and Matthew, who works in remodeling sales, are thinking about using their Lottery winnings to pay for renovations on their future home — possibly granite countertops for the kitchen.

The $10 10x Cash game launched on March 23, and there are still 63 unclaimed $10,000 top prizes and 37 unclaimed $1,000 prizes.