Annapolis Man Wins 2nd $10,000 Scratch-off Prize

$10K Neonx20_Dorsey_web

Congratulations to Norman Dorsey of Annapolis, who won a $10,000 Lottery prize for the second time!

Finds win on Neon x20 instant ticket

Winning $10,000 with the Maryland Lottery is a nice surprise but winning that amount twice was a shock for Norman Dorsey, who found his second round of Lottery luck at the Annapolis Exxon.

Norman bought a few scratch-offs and was at home when he matched all 25 numbers on the Neon x20 ticket for the $10,000 win.

“I won $10,000 one other time,” the 68-year-old told Lottery officials. “Years ago, I played 5-5-5 on Pick 3 on 20 different tickets and won.”

The city of Annapolis employee brought his co-worker with him to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the prize. In addition to paying bills with his win, Norman planned to treat his co-worker to lunch and share some of the prize with his grown children.

The lucky store where Norman bought his ticket, Annapolis Exxon, is located at 1926 West St. in Annapolis. The Neon x20 game still has some big unclaimed prizes remaining, including two for $10,000, one for $20,000 and two for $100,000.