Anne Arundel County is Hot Spot for Nutcracker Cash Doubler Wins

John Austin – Annapolis, MD

John Lindsey - Nutcracker Cash

James Lindsey – Annapolis, MD

Two Men Each Claim $50,000 Prize on the Same Day

Two Anne Arundel County players each won $50,000 playing the Nutcracker Cash Doubler scratch-off ticket and both came to claim their winnings on the same day.

“The holidays will be extra special this year,” said 65-year-old James Lindsey from Annapolis, the first winner to claim the prize. The retired salesman bought and scratched the ticket this morning and said that he “was still in shock.”

“I was playing my midday numbers and decided to get a scratch-off with the change,” he said. After realizing he had won, he picked up his wife and they came to claim the big prize. James intends to use some of his prize money for car repairs and new furniture, but will spend most of his winnings on his five grandchildren. His ticket was purchased at Quick Mart, located at 900 West St. in Annapolis.

Pasadena resident, John Austin, arrived at Lottery Headquarters a short time later with his winning ticket in hand. “I don’t know why I chose that one,” said the retired Social Security employee. “I was at lunch with my former co-worker when I felt like I should buy some scratch-offs.” Good thing he did, because his ticket also was a $50,000 winner.

The 65-year-old plans to save the bulk of his winnings and purchase a gift for his teenage goddaughter. “I think I’ll get her a pair of nice earrings and save the rest,” he said with a smile. John’s ticket was purchased at Lauer’s Super Thrift located at 8095 A Edwin Raynor Blvd. in Pasadena.