Anne Arundel County Resident Claims $50,000 Powerball Ticket

$2 quick-pick ticket leads to big prize in Feb. 8 drawing

A Chestnut Hill Cove resident happily came to Maryland Lottery headquarters this week to pick up his $50,000 third-tier prize from the Feb. 8 Powerball drawing.

Asked about the details of his brush with Lottery luck, the Anne Arundel County man said, “It’s nothing special. I just bought a ticket.”

On the day of the drawing, the 63-year-old bought a $2 quick-pick ticket at the Soda Pop Shop Mart located at 337 Hospital Drive in Glen Burnie. His winning ticket carried the numbers 17, 35, 49, 50 and 66 with a 6 Powerball, missing the $60 million jackpot by one number.

Our lucky winner was the only Marylander to win a third-tier prize in the drawing and only one of eight people nationwide to match four white balls and the red Powerball.