Another Second-Tier Powerball Hit in Maryland

Washington D.C. man claims $1,000,000

Maryland produced another Powerball second-tier winner, courtesy of Saturday evening’s drawing. A regular Powerball player from Washington D.C. purchased two tickets for last week’s drawing and was ecstatic to learn he had finally hit big. The lucky winner took home a $1 million second-tier Powerball prize after playing his usual numbers.

Having matched five out of six numbers from last Saturday’s drawing, the man knew his winnings would be a healthy size, but he wasn’t completely sure how much his ticket was worth. “I’m in shock, I really thought I had won $100,000,” he said. “My friend swore I had won more, but for this $1 million win to be a reality is just unbelievable.”

Cheekily, the man joked that if he was allowed to combine Powerball tickets, he would’ve won the $40 million jackpot. His second ticket had the matching Power Play number.  Still overly pleased with his $1 million prize, the man said he will definitely continue to play his favorite games 5 Card Cash, Pick 4 and Powerball.

The winner told Lottery officials that he plans to put his winnings into an annuity where they will stay safe.  The winning ticket was purchased at A1 Rest n’ Liquors on 7910 Martin Luther King Highway in Glen Arden.