Aqua-Cycling Guru wins $31,894 Racetrax Prize

A spur-of-the moment Racetrax ticket purchase led to $31,894 in riches for “Soca Sandy” of Fort Washington.

‘Spur’ of the moment purchase leads to galloping finish for Fort Washington resident.

A Fort Washington fitness entrepreneur who is accustomed to taking a chance on herself and her business instead took a chance on the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game and won. The Prince George’s County resident’s gamble paid off, with her chance wager turning a $1 bet into a hefty $31,894 top-prize.

While many people add fitness goals to their New Year’s resolutions, the winner provides a way to folks to fulfill those resolutions with a business she started not long ago. The fitness entrepreneur founded H2O Biking, capitalizing on the aqua-cycling or hydro-cycling trend sweeping the nation.

When not working on her business, “Soca Sandy” told Lottery officials she can often be found watching a good local basketball matchup, attending a Caribbean carnival or purchasing her favorite Lottery games: Mega Millions and Bonus Match 5.

Luck caught up with “Soca Sandy” shortly after the 50-year-old purchased a few of her favorite games from a Lottery vending machine at a Royal Farms in Oxon Hill. With $1 in change due, “Soca Sandy” chose to let it ride on a game she rarely plays. She purchased a $1 quick-pick Racetrax ticket, placing a Superfecta bet for a single race, and tucked the ticket away.

Just a week later, “Soca Sandy” was checking tickets on the way to a local basketball game when news of her fantastic finish caught up with her. The 9, 12, 4 and 2 horses from her Superfecta wager had crossed the finish line in order, making her $1 wager worth $31,894. The long odds of such a win were just 1 in 47,890.43.

“Soca Sandy” said she plans to use the winnings wisely. She will share some of the prize with family members and may spend a portion on traveling. One thing is certain, she said, “Soca Sandy” will enjoy this unexpected blessing. “This has been a great way to start the New Year,” said the winner.

The happy player purchased her lucky ticket at Royal Farms #278 located at 100 Monument Avenue in Oxon Hill. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket over $10,000, the Baltimore County retailer will receive a $318.94 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.