Artist Gets Her Claws on Winning Crab Ca$h Scratch-off

$10K Crab Cash-Smith_web

Baltimore artist Carolyn Smith enjoys her $10,000 Crab Ca$h win.

Finds $10,000 top prize on $2 game

Baltimore’s Carolyn Smith did just what Maryland Lottery commercials suggest players do this summer – get her claws on a Crab Ca$h scratch-off. In fact, the artist not only netted a $10,000 top prize in the game but also confirmed that her play strategy is catching winners.

“I really do enjoy scratch tickets,” said the 36-year-old. “I get a few at least twice a week.”

She found her Lottery luck at the 7-Mart in Baltimore, reversing her losing trend with the $2 game. Carolyn tracks her win-loss record on all the games she plays.

“If I don’t have luck with a game after a few times playing, I wait a few days and then try again,” she said. “It sort of feels like by then I’m due for a win.”

Her system works for her! She’s won prizes of $500 several times over the years using this strategy and just discovered another $500 win days before her Crab Ca$h find.

“I’ve had zero luck with Crab Ca$h for a long time so finding a match really surprised me,” she said. “When I saw the prize, I was blown away.” Wanting to get to Lottery headquarters immediately to claim her prize and not trusting herself to make the trip alone, she called her best friend.

“I needed her help,” she said. “I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

The duo came straight from the 7-Mart at 1417 Fayette Street to Lottery headquarters. Carolyn’s friend told Lottery officials that she dropped what she was doing after receiving the call. “I could tell from her voice that, whatever was going on, it was a big deal.”

Our lucky artist and her fiancée will dedicate the Crab Ca$h winnings to the purchase of their future new car. Crab Ca$h went on sale in Maryland stores in April and Carolyn’s top-prize win leaves three more $10,000 winning scratch-offs awaiting discovery.