ATM Stop Leads to $10,000 Scratch-off Win

Baltimore resident finds lucky Monopoly instant ticket

259-$10-Monopoly-ITVMA Dundalk mother of three and stepmother of three who stopped at a convenience store ATM for cash left with $10,000, thanks to a winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off.

The 45-year-old city resident reports having no plans to buy scratch-offs when she stopped at the Wawa store located at 6541 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore. What changed her mind?

“The reason was the ATM was right by the Lottery machine,” she said with a laugh.

The machine was well-stocked with the Monopoly family of scratch-off games, so she bought four $10 Monopoly tickets and went on her way. About an hour later, she scratched off her games and scanned them with the My Lottery Rewards app on her smartphone. The big winner was a big surprise!

“We didn’t believe it,” she said. The happy player, who is a Ford customer relations employee, plans to spend her winnings on holiday gifts and possibly a vacation.

The $10 Monopoly instant ticket is one of five members of the Monopoly family of games. There are $1, $2, $5 and $20 games, as well. The $10 game has three unclaimed $100,000 top prizes and six more unclaimed $10,000 prizes, in addition to thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.