Aunt Selects Winner’s Lucky $10,000 Scratch-off

Baltimore resident all smiles over $100,000 Gold Rush prize

243-$100,000-Gold-Rush-ITVMA novice Maryland Lottery player has her aunt to thank for a $10,000 scratch-off prize.

The lucky winner, who works for a nonprofit organization, plays scratch-off games occasionally, but her aunt is an avid Lottery Pick 4 enthusiast. On a recent trip to play her numbers, the winner’s aunt picked up a $100,000 Gold Rush ticket for her.

“I told her to get me whatever costs $1,” the Baltimore woman said with a smile.

Her aunt selected the $100,000 Gold Rush game because she had recently looked at and saw online that the $10 ticket was new. Indeed, $100,000 Gold Rush launched in late January, and four of its five $100,000 top prizes are still waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state. There are also eight remaining $20,000 prizes and 18 more $10,000 prizes.

“The most I’d ever won before was $5,” the lucky winner said. “So $10,000 … I might just take my winnings and quit!”

The 37-year-old plans to invest her prize. She added that she recently got married and that she and her husband may use some of the money to renovate their basement. She found her win with a ticket purchased at Express Fuel located at 2417 West Franklin Street in Baltimore.