Avid Bingo Player Wins Top Prize

Red Line Bingo Tripler Scratch-off wins $30,000

Red Line Bingo TriplerA Frederick woman had been looking the past several months for a way to visit her ailing mother living overseas. Every week when she bought a scratch-off ticket, she prayed that it would be the big win needed to make the long trip. Her prayers were finally answered last Monday when she scratched her Red Line Bingo Tripler ticket and saw she had won the $30,000 top prize.

The 46-year-old woman, who loves playing bingo, scratched her ticket while on the phone with her sister who is with their mother overseas. Originally she thought her ticket was worth $50, but after further investigation she realized her ticket was a $30,000 winner. “I told my sister that I probably won $50, but then I had to tell her I was wrong – I had won $30,000!” she told Lottery officials.

The winnings will help the Frederick woman take a much deserved break from work so that she can be with her mother while she is sick. “I am so grateful for this win,” she said. “I can finally take the trip to see my mother. She’s been sick for a while so this will really help.”

Now that she has a little extra money in her pocket, the winner said she plans to keep an eye out for similar bingo scratch-offs. In addition to visiting her mother, she and her husband plan to set aside the rest of the winnings away for their car. The winning ticket was purchased at Urbana Liquor, located at 3540 Sugarloaf Parkway in Frederick.