Avid Powerball Player Misses Jackpot, but Still Wins Big

Bowie’s “The Savage” is hoping his recent $50,004 Powerball win will lead to a huge jackpot win soon!

Bowie dad claims $50,004 in Nov. 20 drawing

A Bowie man who plays a few of his favorite Lottery games twice a week recently notched a big win on one of them.

The 69-year-old Lottery fan, who dubbed himself “The Savage,” said he enjoys Powerball, Mega Millions, Multi-Match and Bonus Match 5. And it was Powerball that did the trick, delivering $50,004 in prizes in the Nov. 20 drawing.

“The Savage,” who runs a family heating and air conditioning business, said he forgot to purchase his usual batch of tickets last week. His wife stopped to buy tickets for him at the 7-Eleven store at 11530 Rockville Pike in Rockville.

“She came home and put the tickets on my desk,” said the father of two adult sons. “I didn’t even get a chance to check them until days later.”

And what a surprise awaited him when he finally did!

The lucky winner said he seldom checks his tickets right away. It was Nov. 22, two days after the drawing, when he discovered his big win as he was checking about two weeks worth of tickets. One by one, he scanned the tickets, almost giving up on the thought that he might have a winner.

“And then BOOM, there it was – a $50,004 winner!” he recalled.

The $10 quick-pick ticket his wife purchased had five lines of numbers on it – and the last line on the ticket matched four of the five white balls and also matched the red Power Ball number from the Nov. 20 drawing, giving him a $50,000 prize. Matching that last white ball would have delivered the jackpot. He also matched the Power Ball number on one of the other lines, adding another $4. He first called one of his sons to share the news and then he called his wife.

“He was too calm saying he only won $50,000,” said the winner’s son who accompanied his dad to claim the big prize. “It really would have been something if it was the jackpot.”

“The Savage,” who also has two grandchildren, said the winnings will help to pay business expenses. He added that he’ll continue to play his favorite games, and plans to be back in the Lottery’s Winner’s Circle room to claim a big jackpot one day.

The Powerball jackpot is on its way up. It stands at an estimated annuity value of $100 million for the drawing Wednesday, Nov. 27 with an estimated cash option of $68.9 million.