Avid Scratch-off Fan Celebrates Her Biggest Win

Somerset County player claims $10,000 Crossword Deluxe prize

261-Crossword-Deluxe-ITVMAn Eastern Shore woman visiting Maryland Lottery headquarters Monday told officials that the winning scratch-off that brought her there is her favorite. She loves all of the Lottery’s instant ticket games, but the lucky player believes Crossword Deluxe is the best – especially after it gave her a $10,000 prize!

The housekeeper had just finished her week’s work in Ocean City when she stopped in at a 7-Eleven in town on her way home. “They know me there and the tickets I love,” she said. “I’d played two crossword games and had won a little when I decided to try one more.”

She revealed several matching words while scratching her lucky ticket and told herself, “Hey, a $50 winner!” That $50 became $100 with a little more scratching and then grew to $1,000. “I counted all the words when I finished scratching and my heart started beating so fast. It was a $10,000 winner!”

Trying to calm herself, the lucky woman carefully made her way home to Westover in Somerset County. “The whole drive, I kept thinking that it couldn’t be happening,” she said. “How could this be real?” Two days later, having slept very little, the 55-year-old scratch-off fan arrived in Baltimore to collect her $10,000 prize. “I do enjoy these scratch-offs,” she said. “They’re lots of fun.”

Monday’s Crossword Deluxe winner will pay off debt with her winnings and save the rest so she can keep playing scratch-offs at retailers such as her lucky Ocean City 7-Eleven, which is located at 106 North Division Street. Her $10 game still has plenty of prizes remaining. Look for the three $100,000 unclaimed top prizes, 10 more $10,000 prizes and more than 200,000 unclaimed prizes of $10 to $1,000.