Back By Popular Demand, Baltimore Couple Wins For the Third Time

 Earl Garner - Monopoly

Earl and Michelle Garner smile for the camera as they collect their $50,000!

Takes Home $50,000 on Monopoly Scratch-off

Baltimore couple Earl and Michelle Garner already knew the lay of the land when they came into Lottery headquarters last Friday afternoon. The trip marked the couple’s third time to claim a top prize from Maryland Lottery headquarters. This time Earl had picked up a Monopoly scratch-off, which turned out to be worth $50,000.

Earl began playing the Monopoly scratch-off after checking the Lottery website to verify there was still a top prize left to claim. “I had been playing this ticket since August and figured it was only a matter of time until I won,” said Earl. His theory finally paid off after he picked up his winning ticket last week.

Despite the repeat appearances, the couple was just as happy with this win as they were with their first. “I’m always excited to win, just because this is our third time doesn’t mean we aren’t thrilled,” said Earl in regard to his multiple wins.

Recognizing the uniqueness of the situation, the Garners came prepared with a slew of jokes for Lottery officials, “You could say we’re back by popular demand,” laughed Michelle as she entered the Winners Lounge. Piping in, Earl commented, “More like, third time’s a charm.”

Earl and Michelle plan on continuing to play the Lottery and saving their big win.  The winning ticket was purchased at Woodlawn Sunoco, at 6725 Dogwood Road located in Baltimore.