Bag To$$ Bucks Purchase for Birthday Card Pays $30,000 Top Prize

The similarity of the Bag To$$ Bucks scratch-off to the popular cornhole party game attracted the attention of a Harford County woman, who decided to take a chance and try her luck on the $3 game.

“I thought it was funny, like cornhole,” she said. The Jarrettsville resident rarely plays Maryland Lottery games, generally buying scratch-offs for herself only when she is buying instant tickets to include in birthday cards for family members and friends.

“It’s a small price for a large prize,” she said, explaining why she likes to include scratch-offs in cards. The 38-year-old was on a scratch-off buying mission at High’s #130 in White Hall when she spotted Bag To$$ Bucks. Her June purchase paid off to the tune of $30,000!

The winner delayed collecting her prize because she had to coordinate her work schedule. She found herself in the Lottery Winner’s Circle on July 30, with a little help from her mom and her mom’s fiancé.

As for the winnings, she said, “I’ll tie up some loose ends and get myself organized.” She also plans to invest some of the proceeds. When her mom suggested a celebration is in order, the lucky winner said, “I wish I could buy a million-dollar house for her!”

Sharing in her good fortune is High’s located at 4101 Norrisville Road in White Hall. The Harford County Lottery retailer earns a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize scratch-off of $30,000.

Another four $30,000 Bag To$$ Bucks tickets are still in play, as are 14 tickets worth $1,000 and 73 with prizes of $500 each. Hundreds of thousands of others ranging in value from $3 to $100 also remain.