Baker Rolling in Dough Thanks to $10,000 Scratch-off Win

Finds Lottery luck with Poker Showdown game

220-Poker-Showdown-ITVMA Baltimore baker is happily rolling in the dough this week after finding a $10,000 winning Poker Showdown scratch-off.

The Manchester grandmother of two, who doesn’t play poker, rarely buys Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. Nothing is open when she heads to work her 1-9 a.m. shift to bake breakfast goodies for hungry commuters and she’s too tired to stop anywhere on her way home, she said.

The Saturday that Lottery luck came to call, however, was unusual. Our baker started her morning waiting for the plumber to repair the hot water heater. After enjoying a hot shower, the mother of four adult children headed out to run errands and buy a Powerball ticket. Her adult son had won $500 on a scratch-off purchased at Piper’s Wine & Spirit Barn in Manchester so she asked the clerk there to point out any new scratch-offs.

He did and she selected two of the $10 Poker Showdown scratch-offs that hit Lottery retailers in August. At home, the 56-year-old scratched off the first instant ticket and saw it was a non-winner. The second scratch-off put her in the money!

“We’re all, like, we just can’t believe it,” she said, describing her choice of scratch-offs as “extremely random” and the win as “pretty amazing.”

Her husband and children all had suggestions for how to spend the prize, she said, but two big-ticket items will take the bulk of the money. Her husband needs knee surgery and their share of the bill will be sizable. The rest of the windfall will go toward a big-screen TV to fit their open-concept home.

Her lucky Carroll County store, located at 4127 Hanover Pike in Manchester, will likely get a visit soon from another member of the scratch-off winning family. Her daughter announced that “Good things come in threes” and she plans to be next in the family to win a big Lottery prize!

There are plenty of prizes left on the Poker Showdown scratch-off. All four $100,000 top prizes are awaiting discovery and another 16 $10,000 prizes are unclaimed.