Baltimore Baker Takes Home Lots of Dough

Wins $50,000 on Gold Bar Bonus Scratch-Off

Gold Bar BonusThe 31-year-old baker was enjoying his day off and decided to stop and cash in a couple of winning scratch-off tickets. “I had a string of luck lately,” said the man, who was accompanied to Maryland Lottery headquarters by his dad and best friend.

The tickets were worth $50 and $25. After receiving his winnings, he then bought two more scratch-offs. “It was a spur of the moment decision,” he said. While in the store, he began to scratch his tickets. “I scratched the bottom part and saw that it was a winner, and then I was hesitant to finish.” The same friend who came with him to claim his win was with him at the time and encouraged him to scratch the rest of the ticket.

“I had a feeling it was a big winner,” said his friend. “I told him, ‘you might as well see what you have.’”  What he had was enough to make the single-baker nearly “hyperventilate.”

His friend told him, “You won. No mistake, you won.”  The happy duo then quickly called the winner’s father to share the great news. “When I called my dad, I told him ‘Get up and come with me.’”  “He scared me at first,” said the man’s father.

The happy winner intends to use his prize money to pay off all his debt, buy a used car and save.  The winning ticket was purchased at Royal Farm #047, located at 12545 Eastern Ave. in Baltimore.