Baltimore Carpenter Carves Up Some Serious Cash

Stephen Granger - Keno

Stephen Granger of Baltimore shows off his Keno win.

Baltimore Carpenter Carves Up Some Serious Cash

Steven Granger of Baltimore always had a feeling that he would win a top prize while playing a lottery game. He never knew it would come in the form of $50,000 while playing Keno.

The 59-year-old, who has been in the carpentry business for over 35 years, told Lottery officials that he won his Keno prize after putting nine dollars down on three games and playing an eight spot with the Super Bonus.

“I usually play Bonus Match 5 but then I figured I’d switch it up and play some Keno while having a drink,” he said. “I always thought I’d win $50,000, but I had no idea it would be with Keno.”

Granger was very excited to have the extra cash on hand. “This money will definitely let me pay off a few bills and as well as my car, which is great.” Granger also said that he plans to use some of his winnings for a road trip to visit his nephews in Montana. The winning ticket was purchased at Kibby’s Restaurant on Wilkins Avenue in Baltimore.