Baltimore City Retiree’s Win Comes in Time for the Holidays

Powerball Ticket Wins $40,000

A Baltimore man had been struggling recently after an injury forced him into an early retirement. His luck completely changed after he picked up a Powerball ticket last week. The retired landscaper was elated to learn his Powerball ticket was worth $40,000.

The family man has thirteen grandchildren to thank for his win. “I always play a combination of their birthdays,” he boasted proudly. “Their birthdays brought me luck in the past with other games like Pick 3 and Pick 4.” The retiree is very excited to share his winnings with his family.

“I was so happy when I found out I had won so much money,” he said. “I kept looking at the ticket and just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.” Once he confirmed that he had indeed won, he started planning where the money would go.

His first goal was to make sure his family’s holiday season is one to remember. “I can’t wait to get all of my grandchildren nice presents this year,” he said grinning. “Most of my grandkids are still in the area, so we’ll be able to create some new memories.” Shaking his head in disbelief he said, “Christmas definitely came early, it’s certainly a blessing.”

The retiree plans to save the rest of his winnings for bills and other daily expenses. “This money will definitely help now that I’m on a fixed income. I’ve very grateful,” said the winner. The winning ticket was purchased at Save More, located at 4200 Wabash Ave. in Baltimore.