Baltimore City Woman Has Scratch-off Bingo Luck

Wins $30,000 Blackout Bingo Scratch-off Top Prize

Blackout BingoA young woman from Baltimore was the very first winner to enter the Lottery Claims Center last Monday after the long holiday weekend. She scratched her way to a $30,000 Blackout Bingo to prize last Saturday evening, and waited patiently for the Claims Center to open on Monday.

After buying the scratch-off, the lucky winner returned home and began scratching. She was happy to see she had won back the ticket price. “As I was scratching the ticket, I knew I had won at least $2,” she said smiling. “Then as I kept scratching, I thought I won $20.” It wasn’t until she finished scratching her ticket that she realized it was worth $30,000.

She showed her mother, who told Lottery officials she couldn’t believe the ticket was worth so much. “I told her to send a picture to her sister,” said her mother. The woman’s sister, who also accompanied them to claim the prize, was just as excited for her sister. “I kept telling her to send me a picture on my phone so I could see it,” she laughed.

The winner and her mother plan to use the money towards a car for the family and want to save the rest. The winning ticket was purchased at Eutaw Market, located at 1701 Eutaw Place in Baltimore City. The game, which launched in March, has 10 top prizes remaining on the ticket.