Baltimore Coin Collector Has Golden Ticket

Wins $50,000 Top Prize on The Golden Ticket

The Golden TicketA Baltimore coin collector was very excited to celebrate his scratch-off win with Lottery staff on Monday afternoon. A huge grin broke out on his face as he entered the Winner’s Lounge at Lottery headquarters. This was the first large win for the life-long scratch-off player, who was happy to share his Golden Ticket moment with his mother.

The man’s luck came over a month ago while at a flea market. After purchasing his daily ticket and scratching it, he noticed that he had won a sizeable amount. Not truly believing what he was seeing, the man had a clerk scan the ticket to make sure it was a winner. “As soon as he checked my ticket, the clerk told me to sign the back to make sure I was the only person who could claim it,” said the coin collector.

Later, on the way home from the flea market, he shared his good news with his mother. “All he told me was that he had won. At first I thought he might have won $500,” she said. “For him to win $50,000 is truly something.”

For now his plans include adding a rare gold coin to his collection and saving the rest. His winning ticket was purchased from Island Liquors at 1018 Joppa Road in Joppa.