Baltimore County Couple Silence Skeptics with $1 Million Lottery Win

Don Haggerty - Get Rich_web

Winning $1 million on the Lottery’s Get Rich ticket is a life-changing event for Baltimore County residents Don and Sandra Haggerty.

Claim last top prize on Get Rich scratch-off

New Maryland millionaire Don Haggerty recalls how his skeptical co-workers laughed at his prediction that he would one day hit it big with the Maryland Lottery. Who’s laughing now? Don and his wife Sandra, of course!

The West Virginia native purchases Maryland Lottery scratch-offs twice a week and often won small amounts. While at a Baltimore 7-Eleven on a recent Saturday, he bought a $10 scratch-off and a $20 Get Rich instant ticket. The loyal Lottery player didn’t even have to wait until Sunday to get an answer to his prayers. A $1 million top-prize win appeared right before his eyes on line three of the Get Rich scratch-off.

“My heart was pounding,” Don said. The Baltimore County resident was so excited about his prediction coming true that he called his boss and co-workers before alerting his wife. When he shared the great news with Sandra, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She even took the ticket outside to view it in the sunlight.

Their new millionaire status still seems unreal to the happy couple, who have been married 29 years. “I never thought it could happen,” Sandra told Lottery officials, weeping with gratitude and happiness.

This is a life-changing event, the couple said. Many of Don’s co-workers were discussing their plans for retirement and he can now join the conversation. His wife, an assistant manager at an answering service company, plans to keep working.

Their other big plans for their winnings include putting some of the funds into savings, buying a new truck for Don, taking a vacation to the Bahamas, helping their parents and giving their 28-year-old son a happy holiday.

To visit the couple’s lucky store, head to 7-Eleven #29731 located at 3003 North Point Road in Baltimore. For selling the $1 million winning ticket, the retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. Although this was the last top prize on the Get Rich ticket, there are more than 55,000 other prizes ranging from $20 to $10,000.