Baltimore County Couple’s Lucky Numbers Pay Off

Wins $250,000 on Mega Millions ticket

The first of two Maryland Mega Millions ticket winners from the November 13 drawing came into Lottery headquarters to claim their prize. A Perry Hall couple was pleasantly surprised to see their lucky numbers had finally been chosen. A combination of birthday months, their anniversary and backward birth years became very profitable for the couple. Their final winnings added up to $250,000.

The couple had been playing the same numbers for a several years without any luck. “I saw that my numbers had been chosen,” said the woman. “I asked my husband if he had played our numbers that day and he said he would check later.” When he did have the chance to check his ticket later, the lucky man couldn’t believe what he was seeing; “I checked the numbers online but wanted to be sure that I had the right information,” he said.  After going back to the clerk who sold him the ticket, he finally realized that he had indeed won playing their lucky numbers.

Both of the winners were excited to go home and check the stack of tickets still sitting on their counter. “I still have a stack of tickets from other days that I haven’t checked yet. Maybe one of those will be a winner too and I can come back to claim another big prize!” the man said laughing.

The couple plans to visit their son playing basketball overseas as well as pay off some bills. “It’s safe to say we’ll be having a very nice Christmas with the grandchildren this year,” said the woman.  The winning ticket was purchased at Honeygo Wine & Spirits, located at 5004 Honeygo Center Drive in Baltimore.