Baltimore County Woman is Livin’ Lucky

Wins $250,000 Instant Top Prize on Livin’ Lucky Scratch-Off

Livin LuckyA fondness for shooting the breeze turned into a $250,000 windfall for a Baltimore City School retiree. The 78-year-old enjoys visiting the Soda Pop Shop on Ingleside Ave. to mingle and play Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.  “It’s a nice way to get out of the house,” said the lucky winner. “I like this location because they have a wide variety of scratch-offs.” Particularly a fan of Livin’ Lucky, the happy player knew immediately she had won the scratch-off’s top prize.

I sat down and began to scratch the ticket,” she said.  “I sat right there and looked at it. I never thought I would win that much.” Although familiar with her favorite ticket and sure of her newfound wealth, she nonetheless had the store’s clerk confirm the $250,000 win. Upon verification, both the clerk and the winner didn’t reveal the good news. “I want to keep this quiet,” said the winner. “Only one other person knows.”

Plans for the scratch-off buff’s prize money include making donations to her church, college Alma Mater and her family.  The winning ticket was sold at Soda Pop Shop #8, located at 1026 Ingleside Ave. in Baltimore.