Baltimore Couple Latest to Collect Top MONOPOLY ™ Prize

Wins $50,000 Instant Prize

A Baltimore mechanic and his girlfriend visited Lottery Headquarters on Tuesday to claim a prize that had dominated their every waking moment for the previous 16 hours.  According to them, every hour since they found their lottery luck Monday afternoon had been a waking one.  “Not a bit of sleep last night,” they told officials.

It was Monday’s rain that brought about the happy event.  The winner stopped in at a nearby store in search of an umbrella.  While there she decided to play a MONOPOLY ™ scratch-off, a lottery instant game she’d enjoyed in the past.  “I didn’t get a winner on that first one, but I was persistent.  I was going to win.”  That second ticket proved to be a $50,000 winner.

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“I took off my glasses because I was sure I was seeing things,” she said.  “I couldn’t wait to get home to surprise my boyfriend.”  Despite reading the game’s instructions time and time again, the couple was not absolutely sure they’d hit it big until it was confirmed on Tuesday.  They plan to help family with their winnings and get a new (used) car.  Their big win occurred at Beauty Plus, 328 Eutaw Street in Baltimore.