Baltimore Exercise Enthusiast Stunned at Heart-Racing Lottery Win

Claims $30,000 top prize on BOARDGAME BONUS® scratch-off

A Baltimore exercise enthusiast increased his heart rate while sitting still by revealing a $30,000 top prize on a BOARDGAME BONUS® scratch-off.

“I was so stunned I had to look three to four times to make sure I saw it correctly,” the lucky winner said. The 54-year-old selected both the Lottery retailer and the $3 scratch-off at random, which made his big win even more surprising. He bought his game at Hobbits, located at 4517 Bowleys Lane in Baltimore, and scratched it off later in the day.

The winner has only shared the news with his significant other. He plans to share part of his winnings with his partner and put some of the funds toward his new car, which he recently purchased. The loyal Lottery player has worked for a non-profit organization for the past three years. When he’s not working or playing scratch-offs, he enjoys running and exercising.

Hobbits in Baltimore City will receive a $300 bonus for selling a top prize-winning scratch-off. The BOARDGAME BONUS® scratch-off went on sale in June with six $30,000 top prizes. There are four top prizes remaining along with 26 $1,000 prizes and more than 700,000 other prizes ranging from $3 to $300.