Baltimore Gambler Finds Payday with Lottery Scratch-off

Enjoys $10,000 win on Instant Millionaire game

192-Instant-Millionaire-ITVM_P4-greenA self-proclaimed gambler from southeast Baltimore found a $10,000 payday on Friday playing the Maryland Lottery’s Instant Millionaire scratch-off game.

The 66-year-old and his friend were traveling in a taxi when they stopped at the Howard Street BP located at 2207 North Howard Street in Baltimore. Because his leg was hurting, the state police agency retiree stayed in the taxi and asked his buddy to bring him back a scratch-off. The $20 Instant Millionaire game was his friend’s choice and our lucky player scratched the ticket as their taxi ride continued.

A frequent visitor to Maryland’s casinos as well as those in Atlantic City, the happy winner maintained a poker face so the taxi driver was none the wiser, he said. He planned to put his winnings back into the economy.

The Instant Millionaire game has plenty of winning tickets waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state. There is still one $1 million top-prize winner, one $50,000 winning ticket, six more $10,000 winning tickets and thousands of other prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000.