Baltimore Grandmother Aces Big Win

Wins $50,000 Playing Aces High Scratch-off

Mary Dubose - Aces High“I am glad I didn’t pass out,” said Mary Dubose upon learning she won $50,000 playing the Aces High scratch-off. “I do that sometimes when I am really excited.” Instead of passing out, Mary said she began to cry tears of joy. The Baltimore grandmother, who still seemed a little tearful, was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by her son Dalton and daughter Helen today to claim her big prize.

Mary was out and about when she purchased her ticket this past weekend. This was the third Aces High ticket she bought since the game launched. She took the ticket home to scratch and was surprised to see that she’d won. Still skeptical, Mary took the ticket back to the store to have the win confirmed. “The cashier told her to go straight home and to not tell anyone,” said Dalton. Mary did just that and once there, she shared the good news with her family.

Mary, who said she has lost count of the amount of grandchildren she has, also would not divulge her age. She said she has no plans for the prize money, but will just take one day at a time. “I need to sit and look at it for awhile,” she said, smiling. The winning ticket was purchased at Sheldon Lounge on 4325 Belair Rd. in Baltimore.