Baltimore Grandmother Joins 5X Cash Club with $50,000 Win

Claims top prize on Maryland Lottery scratch-off

145-5X-Cash-Club-ITVMA Baltimore grandmother couldn’t believe her eyes when she unveiled a $50,000 top prize on her 5X Cash Club ticket. After winning $30,000 on a bingo-themed scratch-off four years ago, she never dreamed Lottery luck would return.

“I had to look twice, the first time I couldn’t believe it,” she told Lottery officials. “What are the chances that lightning could strike twice like that?”

Sure enough, her $5 ticket was a big winner. The lucky woman plans to fix up her home and save some of the winnings. Looking to catch some Lottery luck? Try our winner’s lucky store, the Food City Express located at 630 North Franklintown Road in Baltimore.

For selling a top-tier ticket, the retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery. The 5X Cash Club ticket still has two $50,000 top-prize winning tickets and four $5,000 second-tier winners in Maryland stores awaiting discovery.