Baltimore Grandmother Wins $50,015 Playing Bonus Match 5

Part of proceeds going to open savings accounts for five grandchildren

For a Maryland Lottery player from Baltimore, a big part of the fun is winning even relatively small prizes. The grandmother of five was especially happy when she picked up a $50,015 payday in the Sept. 28 Bonus Match 5 drawing.

“If I can win fairly often, that’s what makes it worth doing,” said the anonymous 75-year-old. Over her years of playing a variety of games, she said she has won enough prizes to keep it fun. Her biggest previous haul was a $5,000 Pick 4 score.

The happy player’s usual game plan is to use numbers associated with the birthdays of her grandchildren. This strategy paid off when their birthdays matched the winning numbers on Sept. 28. Asked what she will do with her windfall, the loyal player said she plans to share her prize. “I’ll be giving some to family and opening up savings accounts for my grandchildren.”

Sharing in the fun is her lucky Lottery retailer, Tobacco 21. The Baltimore County business located at 2337 Cleanleigh Drive in Parkville picks up a bonus of $500 from the Lottery for selling a top-tier winning Bonus Match 5 ticket.