Baltimore Mailman Makes Special Delivery to Maryland Lottery

Wins $50,000 Playing Bonus Match 5 Scratch-off

A mailman made the best delivery of his life when he came to Maryland Lottery headquarters. The lucky man was able to drop off his Bonus Match 5 ticket — worth $50,000!

The 51-year-old Baltimore man has worked as a postal employee for 22 years and has, most likely, delivered Lottery checks to plenty of winners over the years. “This time, I’ll be on the receiving end,” he joked. He plays Mega Millions and Bonus Match 5 frequently, and Pick 3 when he has a hunch. “I have fun with the games, imagining a big jackpot win. I’ve won plenty of times, but never like this,” he shared.

Today’s winner didn’t check his tickets immediately after the drawing. In fact, it took him almost a week to do so.

“My mom’s the big Lottery player in the family. She couldn’t believe that I hadn’t checked my tickets – she kept asking me, so I finally did.” As he compared his ticket to a printout of the winning Bonus Match 5 numbers and saw match after match, he shouted, “What the heck?” He left the store and headed directly to his mom’s house to share the good news and to get assurances that he wasn’t seeing things.

“She looked at it and fell back into her chair laughing,” the man said.

Our lucky mailman has car repairs and his savings account in mind as the new address for his winnings. He found his Lottery luck at the Mars grocery store at 1700 E. Northern Parkway in Baltimore.