Baltimore Man Blasts Off with Cash Blast Ticket

Wins $100,000 top-tier prize

Cash BlastMost Lottery players enter into a state of shock after learning that their tickets are top-prize winners. One Baltimore man was so excited to learn about his $100,000 Cash Blast win that he forgot it was Saturday and rushed to Lottery headquarters.

The avid scratch-off player, who often gravitates towards the newer, higher-priced tickets, chose one new ticket and then the Cash Blast scratch-off which was displayed directly below in the dispenser. “I’ve been doing that for years,” the married construction worker said. “That’s how I pick my tickets.”

When the 39-year-old checked his ticket in the store, he originally thought that it was worth a lot less. “I thought it was $10,000 and went over to check,” the construction worker said grinning. “But the cashier told me that it was worth so much more.”

Basking in the glow of his new fortune, the winner headed to Lottery headquarters to claim his $100,000 winning ticket forgetting that it was a Saturday. “I drove all the way down here and security told me you were closed,” he said laughing. After holding on to his ticket over the weekend and attending jury duty, the man was finally able to claim his big win.

The lucky player is planning to pay off his credit card and will save the rest of the winnings. The winning ticket was purchased at E-Z Convenience Store located at 5822 Hillen Rd. in Baltimore City.