Baltimore Man Feels Blessed by Lottery Scratch-off Win

Cherry-Picks $10,000 winning Cherry Tripler ticket

Maryland Lottery scratch-offs are now the game of choice for a Baltimore man, who claimed the $10,000 top prize on a Cherry Tripler scratch-off. The long-time player of other Lottery games considers his luck as a scratch-off novice to be a blessing for his family.

Good fortune found the 54-year-old when he stopped at New Guilford Liquors at 2801 Guilford Avenue in Baltimore on his way to work. The beauty supply warehouse worker planned to buy a Mega Millions ticket that Friday but then saw the shop’s instant ticket selection.

“I hadn’t noticed Cherry Tripler before, so I figured it might be lucky to try something new,” he told Lottery officials.

Later that evening, the father of four grown children looked at his tickets starting with the $2 Cherry Tripler scratch-off. He found triple matches of moons and clovers on two of the eight games on the scratch-off and revealed the two prizes of $5,000 each. “I just started saying, ‘Thank you, thank you,’ ” the man said. He attributes his Maryland Lottery luck to help from above and considers the $10,000 prize a blessing.

“Even though they’re grown with lives of their own, I’m anxious to be able to help my children when they need me,” he said. “This will allow me to help.”

The Cherry Tripler scratch-off debuted in April. This $10,000 win is the first top-tier prize claimed in the game. Three more top prize winning tickets await lucky players.