Baltimore Man Freezes When Seeing Fire & Ice Scratch-off Win

Reveals $30,000 top prize on Maryland Lottery scratch-off

Fire & Ice MultiplierA warehouse employee from Baltimore’s Hamilton neighborhood started his weekend in style on Friday when he visited Maryland Lottery headquarters with a Fire & Ice Multiplier instant ticket worth $30,000, the game’s top prize.

“I get tickets several times a week,” the 19-year-old told Lottery officials. “I feel like I have a good idea of what games are out there, so I was surprised when I saw this ticket last week. I hadn’t noticed it before.” The winner took his Fire & Ice Multiplier ticket home, where he scratched it in his room.

“I just froze when I saw what I’d won,” he said. “After a few minutes, I started yelling for my mom.” Just when his vocal celebration petered out, his mom picked up the baton. “My mom looked at my ticket and started yelling! She wouldn’t stop.”

He was lucky that his mom was there to see the ticket, because he could not get anyone else in his family to believe him. His sister, who accompanied our winner to Lottery headquarters, told us, “My brother is known as a joker in our family, so it took some convincing for me to believe.”

When asked about his plans for his lottery winnings, the young man suggested that his mother would play a big role in any decision he made. “Any good luck I have is from her, she deserves some of this happiness.” Lottery luck crossed his path at Regal Liquors at 900 North Gilmore Street in Baltimore. The Fire & Ice Multiplier game has two more $30,000 top prize winning tickets in stores.