Baltimore Man Grateful for Powerball Win, Ready for More

$10,000 prize is first step for fan of jackpot games

A Baltimore man hoping for a Powerball jackpot win was surprised, but not shocked by the $10,000 prize that turned up on one of his tickets. The retired car salesman is certain a jackpot win is in his future. The fan of Maryland’s two jackpot games, Powerball and Mega Millions, has his eyes set on big money.

Until that win comes along, he said, “This cash will sure come in handy.”

The loyal player buys tickets for both games every week and “maybe a couple extra for whichever has the biggest jackpot,” he said. The 70-year-old picked up a $10 Powerball ticket for the Feb. 4 drawing at Valley BP, located at 9604 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills. Thursday morning found him checking his Powerball numbers on the Lottery website.

“I saw a few numbers that matched and started to get excited,” he said. “I called to my wife and together we confirmed the $10,000 prize.”

The couple will dedicate the bulk of their winnings to paying bills. Our winner assured us that he’ll stick to his jackpot-game strategy. “I know the odds are long, but someone always wins it eventually. Maybe it’ll be me this time.”