Baltimore Man Hits a Lucky Streak

Wins $50,000 Lucky Streak Scratch-off Prize

A Baltimore City man’s love of card games paid off on Wednesday after he picked up a scratch-off on the way home from work. The small business owner was shocked to see that his “hand” added up to $50,000 on the Lucky Streak scratch-off.

When asked why the 33-year-old chose the blackjack-themed ticket, the man told Lottery officials about where his love for card games came from. “My father taught me how to play poker when I was younger. We were always playing card games, so when I saw the ticket that looked like a card game, I knew it was worth a try,” he said with a big smile.

After showing his cousin and other patrons the winning ticket, he ran straight home to tell his wife. “She didn’t believe me – she still doesn’t!” he laughed. “I’m sure it’ll finally sink in for her after we deposit the check.”

For now the father-of-three plans to put the money into savings. “Eventually I’d love to put a down payment on a house,” he said. “It would be great for our family to have a little more room.” The winning ticket was sold at Lee USA Billiards at 6901 Security Boulevard, Unit 3026 in Baltimore. There are two remaining $50,000 top prizes on the Lucky Strike ticket.