Baltimore Man Plays Special Numbers and Wins

Kenneth Smith - Bonus Match 5

Baltimore resident Kenneth Smith’s favorite Bonus Match 5
numbers paid off to the tune of a taxes-paid $50,000 prize!

Wins $50,000 playing Bonus Match 5

After years of playing the same number, a 66-year-old Baltimore man finally claimed a Bonus Match 5 top-prize win. Kenneth Smith played his birthday, his daughter’s birthday and another favorite number since Bonus Match 5 began in Maryland back in 1995. His lucky numbers paid off to the tune of $50,000 during last night’s drawing. Smith has something else to be excited about – the taxes on his Bonus Match 5 top-prize were paid by the Lottery, thanks to a promotion that was going on during the time of his win.

It was Smith’s wife, Nancy, who first recognized the win. “I knew those numbers and when I saw them run across the TV screen, I couldn’t believe it,” she said. Nancy immediately woke her husband, who had been napping, but had a difficult time convincing him of their win.

“Her eyes aren’t so good, so I checked again on another station,” Smith said. Just to triple check, he looked in the paper and called the Lottery the next day. Nancy was right; they were holding a winning ticket.

When the winner and his wife came in to claim the prize, they were both excited. Nancy’s excitement was written on her face. However, Kenneth was somewhat harder to read. “I am an impatient man,” he said. “My excitement will show when I see that check.”

The couple, who have twin grandchildren, said they will save some of the winnings for them. They also plan to pay off some bills and a vacation in the summer. The winning ticket was purchased at Maiden Choice Liquors located at 1964 Maiden Choice Lane in Baltimore.