Baltimore Man Receives Health and Wealth

Wins $50,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Not often does one go into the hospital and come out $50,000 richer. That’s what happened to a Baltimore resident this weekend.  The 64-year-old wanted to play his Bonus Match 5 numbers on Friday, but didn’t purchase them in time for that evening’s drawing. He then decided to buy those numbers for Saturday’s drawing.  On Saturday, he wasn’t feeling well and ended up going to the hospital. While he was there he was able to catch the 11 o’clock news and that evening’s Lottery numbers. “I knew I had four of the winning numbers 07, 15, 32 and 37, so I thought I won $400,” the lucky winner said.

The man left the hospital at about 4 am Sunday. ”Something told me to check my numbers once I left the hospital,” he said.  When he arrived home he went to and to his surprise found out he also had the number 33 making him $50,000 richer.  He quickly woke his wife to tell her the good news. Although she didn’t believe him at first, that soon changed. The winning Bonus Match 5 numbers for Saturday evening were

The winner, who has been married for 31 years and has four children, plans to use his win to help his daughter and other family members. He also intends to take a little trip with his wife and pave his backyard.  “I was worried about getting the paving done, but now I can rest easy.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Ross Liquors located at 706 Merritt Blvd. in Baltimore.