Baltimore Man Returning from Trip Wins $1,000-a-Week Cash4Life Prize

Quick-pick ticket gives occasional Lottery player a life-changing gift

“I guess I can finally get that toaster oven I’ve always wanted,” joked the winner of a $1,000-a-week-for-life Cash4Life prize. The Baltimore man claimed the life-changing fortune at Lottery headquarters this week after matching five winning numbers from the Aug. 8 drawing.

The lucky player was returning from out of town when he thought about playing Lottery games. “I walked back and forth past the ATM before I decided to take out some money to play,” he said.

The player, who works in warehousing, took out $40 and stopped at Rosedale Shell in Baltimore to buy Lottery games and gas. On the way into the convenience store, he saw a shiny heads-up penny on the ground and picked it up.

“I thought, ‘Well, this is a good omen,’” he recalled. The player proceeded to purchase his items including a $10 quick-pick Cash4Life ticket. He tucked the ticket away in his wallet, not checking the game’s winning numbers on the Lottery website until Monday morning.

“I noticed I had all the numbers on one line, but I had to look further to find out exactly what that meant and what I won,” said the father of two grown children and grandfather of three.

The jokester told Lottery officials that he was going to get a toaster oven with his prize winnings, “nothing fancy,” he added. In reality, he plans to put the prize in the bank and “let it all sink in,” he said. “I might give some to charity, too.”

His lucky retailer also benefits from the sale of the ticket. Rosedale Shell located at 7514 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore receives a $2,500 bonus from the Lottery for its role in the big win. The Baltimore player is the second person to win a $1,000-a-week-for-life Cash4Life prize in Maryland in 2021 and the fifth second-tier winner since the game became available in the state in 2016.